Junior Toothbrush +6 yrs

The JUNIOR TOOTHBRUSH +6 yrs has been specifically designed for the teeth and the gums of children who have already turned 6 years old: in order to guarantee the removal of food and plaque residues also between interdental spaces, without damaging the tooth enamel.

The soft rubber tongue cleaner, which is inserted on the back of the toothbrush head, has a corrugated shape to remove the bacterial coat from the surface of the tongue.

  • Soft Tynex bristles with rounded tips, characterised by high quality, long duration and excellent resistance. The special lay-out of the bristles improves brushing effectiveness
  • Small and compact head to enable better cleaning of the entire dental arch, even of the newly-formed molars that are more difficult to reach
  • Ergonomic handle designed based on the dimensions of a children’s hand, for an easier use