Junior Toothpaste +6 yrs 75 ML

The JUNIOR TOOTHPASTE +6 yrs has been specifically designed to protect the gums and prevent plaque and caries in the teeth of children who have already turned 6 years old.

A delicate gel that contributes the necessary fluorine and calcium to protect milk teeth and to reinforce permanent teeth as soon as they erupt, helping them grow healthy and strong.

Sweet-mint flavoured, enriched with:

  • Fluorine and calcium salts to prevent caries
  • Betaine and vitamin E to soothe and protect gums

Safe and patented formulation with Sulfetal Zn ®, a Zinc-based molecule.

The toothpaste does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), triclosan, parabens or formaldehyde-releasing preservatives. With low Relative Dentin Abrasivity index (RDA: 33).