But Captains of what? Of our own emotions and potentials, of our life. So to become Captains means learning to know yourself and, at the same time, acquire important social skills.

We speak about Positive Leadership and the prevention of bullying, two very important topics for Pasta del Capitano and Farmaceutici Dottor Ciccarelli, promoted for almost 5 years now in all nursery and primary schools in Italy, also thanks to the invaluable aid of Mr. Nicola Iannaccone, child psychology specialist and psychotherapist.

In schools, the approach materializes into "We Are All Captains” project, a project that helps children to interact with one another and with adults, to become positive leaders of their lives and in their relations with other so that they are neither victims nor bullies. This concept is conveyed via a metaphor: 10 animals whose characteristics express emotional yet opposite relations (the lion is wise but also bossy and despotic) and with whom the little ones can easily identify.